Saturday, March 25, 2023

Selena Gomez Becomes the First Woman to Get More Than 400 Million Followers on Instagram


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Selena Gomez just made Instagram history by becoming the first woman to hit a whopping 400 million followers! Move over, Kylie Jenner, there’s a new queen in town!

Now, let’s not forget that Cristiano Ronaldo still holds the crown for the most followers on the ‘gram with a mind-boggling 562 million. But hey, we’ll give Selena some credit for being the most-followed woman on the platform.

And can we take a moment to appreciate her latest post? She posted a makeup-free selfie with the caption “Violet Chemistry,” which happens to be a track from Miley Cyrus’ new album. Talk about being a supportive friend!

It’s crazy to think that Selena took a four-year break from personally posting on Instagram because of her unhealthy relationship with the platform. But hey, she’s back and better than ever! And let’s be real, who hasn’t fallen down the rabbit hole of scrolling endlessly on Instagram? We feel you, Selena.

In the wise words of Selena herself, “I needed makeup and never wanted to be seen without it.” But now, she’s slaying the game with or without makeup. You go, girl!

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