The Real Reason Justin Bieber Was Crying In Those Selfies Revealed

Justin Bieber, the man who once asked if it was too late to say sorry, has now got everyone asking if it’s too early to hand him a tissue! In a recent Instagram post, the pop sensation was seen shedding tears, prompting fans to wonder if he’s belting out sad love songs or just chopping onions.

But hold your tissues! According to an insider, those tears weren’t about his rocky marriage or P Diddy’s latest drama. Nope, they were apparently tears of joy, or maybe just tears of being too deep into the feels for Jesus.

Yes, you heard it right! Justin Bieber’s love for the man upstairs apparently hit him right in the tear ducts. The source spilled the holy beans, revealing that Bieber gets all misty-eyed after a deep dive into his faith. And hey, who wouldn’t shed a tear or two when you’re having a spiritual moment between your selfies?

But fear not, Beliebers! Justin isn’t hiding his emotions like a forgotten lyric sheet. Nope, he’s proudly wearing his heart on his sleeve, or rather, on his Instagram feed. He’s all about that vulnerability! In fact, he’s practically the poster child for crying in public and loving it.

So next time you see Justin Bieber with a tear-streaked face, just remember, it’s not because his marriage is on the rocks or because he accidentally hit replay on his old breakup playlist. It’s all about that divine connection, baby! Keep shining, you emotional superstar. We’ll be here with tissues and memes.

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