Sabrina Carpenter Compares Her Career to ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’

Sabrina Carpenter spilled the beans about her leisurely ascent to stardom, and it’s a tale more gripping than a soap opera with extra cheese.

Picture this: at Variety’s Hitmakers extravaganza on a Saturday that’ll go down in history as December 2nd, our 24-year-old maestro of “Nonsense” snagged the Rising Artist Award, and oh boy, did she spill some tea in her acceptance speech.

She pulled out the big guns, comparing her career trajectory to none other than the classic fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare.” Now, if you haven’t brushed up on your bedtime stories lately, let me break it down for you. Sabrina’s mom, in her infinite wisdom (or maybe just to mess with her head), used to tell her she’s the tortoise. Yep, the slow and steady one.

This revelation didn’t sit well with Sabrina. I mean, who wants to be the tortoise when you could be the hare, right? Throughout her life, she had people telling her, “Sabrina, you’re the tortoise, just chill. Take it slow. Relax, you’re the tortoise—everything’s going to be hunky-dory.”

In her acceptance speech, she spilled the beans, saying, “In moments of frustration and confusion it can feel like a letdown, but it turns out it’s actually a very good thing.” Can you believe it? The tortoise life is the good life, according to Sabrina.

She continued dropping wisdom bombs like confetti at a New Year’s Eve party, expressing her newfound love for the slow rise. Reflecting on her journey as a former Disney star, she mused, “Knowing that I have a lot to look forward to and no matter how much I experience and how much I have under my belt, I’ll always have something to learn. That’s kind of where I’m at right now, I’m just learning. And I’m very grateful.”

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Sabrina Carpenter, the tortoise of the music world, teaching us all that it’s cool to take it slow. Who knew the slow lane could be so fabulous?

@varietymagazine Sabrina Carpenter accepts the Rising Star Award presented by @H&M ♬ original sound – Variety


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