Dua Lipa Gave A Surprise Performance In Times Square After ‘SNL’ Gig

Dua Lipa, the queen of pop, didn’t just hit the stage; she rocked it like a hurricane hitting Times Square on Sunday night (May 5) in the wild jungle of New York City!

Picture this: a 28-year-old dynamo, armed with nothing but her killer vocals and an album named Radical Optimism, decided to grace the city with a surprise pop-up performance. Yes, you heard it right, a pop-up! Who needs warning signs when you have Dua Lipa dropping in like Mary Poppins with a mic?

This impromptu concert extravaganza came just hours after she conquered the legendary Saturday Night Live stage. Host *and* musical guest? Talk about a double whammy! SNL, consider yourself officially Lipa-fied!

Now, if you thought her performance was the highlight, hold onto your sides because her Instagram post the morning after was the real showstopper. Dua, our fearless leader, took to the ‘gram with a post longer than the Great Wall of China, sharing her SNL escapades like a true social media maven.

In her post, she showered gratitude like confetti at a carnival, thanking everyone from Lorne Michaels (the wizard behind SNL) to the backstage crew who probably ran marathons trying to keep up with her costume changes. Seriously, can we get a round of applause for the unsung heroes of the cue card department? You da real MVPs!

And let’s not forget her shoutouts to her glam squad, because let’s face it, looking like a million bucks doesn’t happen by magic. Jahleel, Amir, Peter, Katie, and Mei, you deserve a Nobel Prize in making people look fabulous!

But the real cherry on top? Her family and besties flew in to witness her SNL triumph firsthand. Talk about squad goals! SNL, you better brace yourself because Dua Lipa just orbited into your galaxy, and she’s not leaving anytime soon! 🚀🎤

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