Here’s Why Kim Kardashian Didn’t Attend Any Met Gala After-Parties

Guess what? Kim Kardashian didn’t grace any of the Met Gala after-parties this year – and it’s not because she lost her invitation in the abyss of her handbag!

Instead of mingling with the glitterati post-Met Gala, the 43-year-old reality TV luminary took an unexpected detour. Drumroll, please… she jetted off to Hamburg, Germany! Why? Well, hold onto your designer hats because Kim had a speaking gig lined up at the 2024 OMR Festival. Yes, you read that right. She ditched the glamour of the after-parties for a rendezvous with digital business enthusiasts.

Picture this: Kim Kardashian, amidst tech moguls and entrepreneurial gurus, sharing her wisdom like the oracle of Silicon Valley. The event promised attendees a buffet of “information, inspiration, and networking on all things digital business.” Move over, Zuckerberg, Kim’s in town!

But wait, there’s more! Joining Kim on the speaker roster were heavyweights like Rick Rubin, Kara Swisher (the tech journalist extraordinaire), and the one and only Tim Ferriss, author, podcaster, and wizard of productivity hacks. It’s safe to say, the OMR Festival got a Kardashian-sized upgrade.

And when Kim took the stage, what pearls of wisdom did she drop? “I went from the Met Gala straight to the plane. Slept on the plane and voila, here I am!” Classic Kim, keeping it real even at 30,000 feet.

But the real tea spilled when she confessed her aversion to after-party shenanigans. “It’s not really my thing to go out,” she confessed. Ah, the relatable side of Kim Kardashian! She skipped the after-parties like a pro, all in the name of… digital enlightenment? Who knew!

And let’s not forget her musings on the Met Gala itself. “It’s like the Super Bowl of fashion, you know? You dream of getting that golden ticket,” she gushed. We feel you, Kim. Who wouldn’t want a front-row seat to the fashion frenzy?

But here’s the kicker: Kim’s Met Gala rendezvous wasn’t just about rubbing elbows with fashion’s elite. Oh no, it was a networking extravaganza! “Making connections, meeting people, stirring up some business ideas,” she revealed. Who needs cocktails when you’ve got potential collaborations on the horizon?

Kim Kardashian: from the Met Gala red carpet to the digital frontier, one entrepreneur at a time. Who needs after-parties when you can be the life of the OMR Festival?

Here’s Why Kim Kardashian Didn’t Attend Any Met Gala After-Parties

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