Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Neighbors in Montecito Are Eagerly Awaiting Their Departure

Brace yourselves for the royal rollercoaster of Harry and Meghan’s Montecito adventure! It’s like the neighbors are hosting their own version of “Survivor: Suburbia,” and guess who’s in the hot seat? Yep, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex!

So, our favorite ex-royals decided to set up camp in the celebrity hub of Montecito, California. The locals were initially thrilled, thinking, “Oh, royalty in our midst! How posh!” But oh boy, the novelty wore off faster than a pop song you’re sick of hearing.

Word on the Montecito streets is that Meghan’s got this whole “high and mighty” vibe going on. One disgruntled neighbor spilled the Earl Grey (or should we say gossip tea?) by saying, “Meghan is high and mighty, and we cannot wait for her to go.” Ouch, Meghan, that’s gotta sting more than a poorly timed royal joke.

Now, here’s the real plot twist: the locals are apparently more uncomfortable than a cat in a cucumber farm with the Sussexes hanging around. Rumor has it that Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet’s parents are packing their bags, ready to bail on Montecito. Why? Because they’re not feeling the love. Or maybe they are, but it’s the eye-rolling, side-eye kind of love.

Enter Omid Scobie, the friend with the pen mightier than a royal decree. His new book, ‘Endgame,’ spilled more royal tea than Buckingham Palace has in centuries. Montecito neighbors are fuming like a dragon that just lost its treasure, thanks to the allegations and claims about the royal family. It’s like they’re saying, “Harry and Meghan, we were okay with your drama, but now you’re bringing your author friends into the mix? Not cool!”

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And the cherry on top? Harry and Meghan can’t agree on where to plot their next royal move. Harry’s digging the UK scene, probably thinking about tea and crumpets.Meanwhile, Meghan’s eyeing a Los Angeles town, dreaming of brunches with Hollywood stars to relaunch her career. Oh, the royal relocation tug-of-war – coming soon to a tabloid near you!

Montecito might just be too small for the royal shenanigans. Will the Sussexes find a new castle, or will they keep the Montecito melodrama alive? Tune in next time for another episode of “Harry and Meghan: Life’s a Royal Comedy!”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Neighbors in Montecito Are Eagerly Awaiting Their Departure



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