Donald Trump Angers Judge While Testifying During Fraud Trial

Every time I catch a glimpse of new photos of Donald Trump during his Manhattan fraud trial, I can’t help but wonder if the man’s undergone some kind of transformation. It’s like he’s been on a crash course to accumulate extra weight, develop jowls that could compete in a jowl-growing contest, and adopt a look that says, “I’ve seen things that can’t be unseen.” And let’s not even start on his makeup artist – I think they’re secretly competing in a “How Ridiculous Can We Make Trump Look” challenge. On Monday, Trump made his grand entrance on the witness stand, and it was as if his makeup artist forgot that the deep sienna bronzer should extend to his hairline. Yikes. I mean, it’s not like he had a reputation for subtlety to begin with!

Now, as for Trump’s testimony, we’ve moved beyond the guilt or innocence debate. Judge Engoron has already given him a thumbs-down for fraudulent business practices, so we’re in the “penalties” phase now. It’s all about figuring out how much Trump’s wallet will shed, thanks to his profoundly illegal and profoundly fraudulent business shenanigans, and whether he’ll even be allowed to conduct business in New York ever again.

Donald Trump kicked off his high-stakes testimony on Monday, and well, let’s just say it didn’t start on the right foot. Justice Arthur Engoron wasn’t in the mood for Trump’s usual grandstanding, and he cut through the noise with a stern “Just answer the question.” It’s almost as if the judge could read Trump’s mind, knowing he was about to pull a political rabbit out of his MAGA hat. “No speeches,” Engoron insisted, and he even had to remind Trump’s legal team to “control your client.” “This is not a political rally,” he deadpanned.

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Before even setting foot in the Manhattan courtroom, Trump took a moment to grace us with one of his trademark Twitter tirades, where he railed against the case, the judge, and pretty much everything he could think of. Of course, he dubbed it a “WITCH HUNT!” because, well, what’s a Trump show without some dramatic flair?

As Trump was expected to field questions about his business dealings, there was a lingering hope that he might blame his adult sons. But nope, he couldn’t resist doing what he does best – hurling verbal grenades in all directions. “This is a very unfair trial,” he declared. “I hope the public is watching.” Of course, he did.

I tuned in to some MSNBC coverage, and their courtroom reporter, who had a front-row seat to the Trump show, was not impressed. She thought the judge should’ve hit the mute button on Trump more often, and suggested that if he were any other defendant, his pitiful and hate-fueled performance might have earned him a date with the contempt of court. But here’s the kicker: some folks think the prosecution is secretly thrilled that Trump can’t keep quiet, because every time he opens his mouth, he seems to dig himself into a deeper hole.

Oh, and there’s this little gem: when the New York AG’s attorney asked Trump about certain statements in 2021, Trump claimed, “I was so busy in the White House with China, Russia, and keeping the country…” He was promptly reminded that he wasn’t the president in 2021. Oops!

In the midst of all this legal drama, a new NYT/Siena poll decided to drop a bombshell, suggesting that Trump is leading Biden in key battleground states a whole year before the next presidential election. But, of course, this is the same newspaper that can make a sunny day sound like a tragedy. And now, that negative energy seems to have spread like wildfire across the entire media landscape. It’s almost as if they’re all secretly wishing for Trump’s return because, let’s be honest, who wants to report on competent, low-drama governance when you can have chaos, crime, insurrection, and a dash of sheer stupidity? It’s the newsroom equivalent of craving a rollercoaster ride over a leisurely stroll in the park!

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