Tom Holland Loved Zendaya’s Schiaparelli Look

Tom Holland is swinging into action with some serious love vibes for his leading lady, Zendaya!

In the latest episode of “Spider-Man and the City of Fashion,” our 27-year-old superhero took a break from battling villains to showcase his Instagram storytelling skills. Brace yourselves for the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show at Paris Fashion Week, where things got spicier than a jalapeño-infused web fluid.

Tom, the web-slinging heartthrob, couldn’t help but unleash a barrage of heart-eye emojis on his Insta story when confronted with Zendaya’s latest fashion spectacle. In a move that would make even J. Jonah Jameson crack a smile, he shared a black and white photo of Zendaya, accompanied by a triple dose of heart-eyed emojis. That’s right – not one, not two, but three heart eyes! Someone get this man a superhero cape for his excellent emoji usage.

Tom, not content with a mere static declaration of love, took it up a notch by throwing in a video from the talented photographer Bilal Zagaoui. With the finesse of a seasoned comedian, Tom captioned it with, “This was made for me 😂.” Well, well, well, looks like Spidey has a knack for spotting tailor-made content, and apparently, it’s not just his spider-sense that’s tingling!

In a world full of supervillains and fashion disasters, Tom Holland emerges as the true hero, armed with heart eyes and laughter emojis. Who needs web shooters when you’ve got Instagram stories filled with love and humor? Zendaya, you’ve got yourself a real-life superhero in the form of Tom – and he’s not afraid to sprinkle a little humor on his crime-fighting romance! Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode of “The Amazing Love Adventures of Tom and Zendaya” – coming soon to an Instagram story near you!

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Tom Holland Loved Zendaya’s Schiaparelli Look


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