Prince William May or May Not Be Addressing Prince Harry in Mental Health Text

Prince William, the sneakiest tribute-master in all the royal lands, slyly nods to his estranged brother, whom we shall not name (wink, wink), in the foreword of the latest Shout report. You know, Shout, the magical text service that’s like a 24/7 wizard for your mental health, launched back in May 2019.

So, our hero William, along with Princess Kate and the mysterious brother-that-shall-not-be-named, birthed this initiative from the Royal Foundation’s Mental Health Innovations program. Now, you might wonder, how does one give a shout-out without shouting out? Well, leave it to William, the maestro of subtle sibling appreciation.

In his secret message, William gushes about the success of Shout, conveniently not dropping the brother’s name, but hey, who needs names when you’re making mental health magic? “Catherine and I are over-the-moon proud of Shout and its mind-boggling wisdom-spreading since day one,” he writes in his foreword, probably wearing a ninja suit for that extra stealthy touch.

Even though the elusive brother with the royal flair for drama has bid adieu to the family crest, William can’t help but express his excitement about Shout’s potential. “Look at us, driving positive action and casually nudging the mental health dial of our nation. So thrilling,” he says, sipping tea with a conspiratorial smile.

William, the undercover comedian, slips in a classic dad joke: “While we’re not done turning mental health into the coolest thing since sliced bread, this report should give you warm fuzzies about what a sprinkle of innovation can achieve.” Oh, William, you witty wizard, casting spells of laughter in the kingdom of royal reports.

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