America Ferrera Says Kerry Washington “Saved” Her

America Ferrera, sensational Barbie star, embarked on a hilarious escapade with her newborn son, Sebastian, in 2018. Seeking wisdom in the chaotic realm of motherhood, she turned to none other than her superhero friend, Kerry Washington.

At the ripe age of 10 weeks, Sebastian found himself amidst the glitz and glamour of the Superstore set. Now, most of us struggle to keep our sanity intact while juggling work and parenting, but not America – she had a secret weapon in the form of Kerry, the multitasking maestro who juggled babies and scandalous plots on Scandal.

In a revelation that probably sounded like a stand-up comedy routine, America spilled the beans on her desperate plea for guidance. Picture this: America, frazzled and sleep-deprived, cornering Kerry with wide eyes, demanding, “How on earth are you handling a TV show and a newborn? What’s your secret, oh wise one?”

And lo and behold, Kerry didn’t just drop some casual advice – she unleashed a motherhood manifesto! America recounted, “She gave me the most detailed instructions of every single thing that I was going to do to make my life easier, down to the exact Pack ‘n Play for my trailer.” Move over, baby books – Kerry’s detailed guide to survival is what every new mom needs.

In a world where every mom is on the brink of tears, running on caffeine and sheer willpower, America reminisced about the lifesaving tips that Kerry bestowed upon her. “I think all the time about how many tears and how much energy and how much money and how much trial and error she saved me by just telling me what she learned.” Forget parenting classes; sign us up for Kerry’s Masterclass in Mom Mastery.

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America was clearly in awe of the sisterhood of experienced mothers who swooped in like caped crusaders to rescue her from the clutches of chaos. “And countless times, just in the almost six years that I’ve been a mom, it’s other moms and other women who have saved me and kept me going and kept me feeling like I can do this.”

America succinctly declared, “She just saved me.” Move over superheroes; there’s a new savior in town, and her name is Kerry Washington – the ultimate mom mentor and the unsung hero of Hollywood’s parenting pandemonium.

America Ferrera Says Kerry Washington “Saved” Her


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