Dua Lipa Spotted Out On A Walk In NYC With Boyfriend Callum Turner

Dua Lipa and Callum Turner are painting the town red… well, more like gray and yellow, but you get the picture!

The 28-year-old “Dance The Night” singer and the 34-year-old Boys in the Boat heartthrob were spotted gallivanting around New York City, arm in arm, like two peas in a pod on Monday afternoon (April 29).

Dua was rocking a gray plaid coat that was probably big enough to house a small family, topping it off with a yellow crop top that screamed “sunshine” and a silk gray skirt that whispered “class.” And let’s not forget the black tights and gray heels—because why not add some dramatic flair to an afternoon stroll?

Meanwhile, Callum was keeping it cool in a white shirt, probably debating whether he should’ve opted for a brighter color to match Dua’s vibrant ensemble, but ultimately sticking to his classic black pants.

But wait, the fun doesn’t stop there! Just a few days earlier, these lovebirds were spotted spreading more PDA than a hyperactive puppy in a room full of strangers. Ah, young love in the Big Apple—ain’t it adorable?

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one week, brace yourselves, because Dua is about to drop her third studio album, *Radical Optimism*, this Friday, May 3. Get ready to dance, cry, and maybe even ponder the meaning of life—all in one album. Dua Lipa, you unstoppable force of musical magic!

Dua Lipa Spotted Out On A Walk In NYC

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