Paris Hilton Mocked For Not Changing Her Baby’s Diaper

Paris Hilton is on a quest to conquer the uncharted territory of diaper duty, and boy, is it a wild ride! The socialite, known for her fabulous lifestyle, decided to take the plunge into the world of diaper-changing a whole month after her bundle of joy, Phoenix, made his grand entrance.

In a viral TikTok clip from her reality series, “Paris in Love,” the heiress spills the beans about her diaper-changing debut in Season 2, Episode 3. With a mix of tears and laughter emojis, the caption playfully exclaims, “Not Paris learning how to change her [son’s] diaper for the first time after a month.” I mean, who knew diaper-changing could be such a nail-biting drama?

Enter Nicky Hilton, the ever-supportive sister, who tries her best to keep a poker face when she learns of Paris’ delayed diaper escapade. “You’ve never done it?” she quizzes incredulously, as Paris admits to being a rookie in the nappy-changing game. Cue the intervention of Nicky and the nanny dream team, offering Paris a crash course in Diaper 101.

Amid awkward moments and gentle guidance, social media didn’t hold back in throwing shade at Paris. Critics emerged, accusing her of being out of touch with reality for having a nanny and not spending enough quality time with baby Phoenix. But hey, let’s cut her some slack—diaper drama is a universal experience, right?

The TikTok snippet may lack context, but in the full episode, Nicky drops some sisterly wisdom. She urges Paris to dial down her workaholic tendencies and savor the fleeting moments of Phoenix’s infancy. “Learning to say no, and not taking that job. You don’t need the money,” Nicky advises, emphasizing that the priority is to soak in the sweetness of parenthood.

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In a confessional, Nicky affectionately labels her sister a “workaholic” and hopes that Paris will take her advice to heart, trading her busy schedule for precious moments with her adorable son. Because let’s face it, even a socialite needs a crash course in the messy, giggly, and utterly unpredictable world of diaper-changing parenthood!

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