KFC Reveals Travis Kelce’s Thanksgiving Order

Travis Kelce spilled the beans before Thanksgiving about having a solo celebration because his family decided to ditch him. In a dazzling revelation on the New Heights podcast, he declared, “I’ll be feasting on KFC because I won’t have anybody here.”

Rumor has it, he had grand plans to share his Thanksgiving with none other than Taylor Swift. But hold your drumsticks—Swift ended up gallivanting in South America, leaving Kelce to drown his sorrows in a mountain of fried chicken.

But fear not, chicken enthusiasts, because KFC has swooped in with the 411 on Kelce’s epic Thanksgiving feast. In a tweet that could make your stomach grumble from miles away, they spilled the poultry beans: “Travis ordered a mind-boggling 56 Pieces of Chicken, 80 Hot Wings, 3 catering-sized mashed potatoes and gravy, 2 Mac and Cheese, and 2 Corn.”

Looks like Kelce’s Thanksgiving plate had more variety than a Netflix binge session. Move over, traditional turkey dinners—Travis Kelce just redefined holiday feasting, and he did it with a side of Taylor Swift FOMO.

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