Kanye West Facing Ban From Miami’s Four Seasons

In the wacky world of Kanye West, November brought whispers that he and his current missus were playing the separation game – you know, the classic “let’s take a break” dance. Rumor had it that Bianca Censori, Kanye’s other half, sought refuge with her family, who, undoubtedly, were on a mission to talk some sense into her. Fast forward to December, and lo and behold, Bianca returned to Kanye’s clutches. But here’s the kicker – he’s been parading her around like she’s a real-life Kim Kardashian Real Doll. And no, I won’t scar you with Kanye’s latest Instagram escapades, but let’s just say they involve G-strings, dental-floss tops, and a hair color change that screams “Kim K wannabe.” It’s a spectacle, my friends.

Now, bear in mind that Kanye’s been trying to play the “man of God” card for ages, but his recent antics? Well, they’re anything but divine. Meanwhile, the Four Seasons Miami has had enough of Kanye’s shenanigans and basically sent him a “Do Not Disturb, Ever Again” memo. And when a luxury hotel says that, you know you’ve pushed the boundaries of hospitality.

Adding to the growing list of folks who’ve thrown in the towel on Kanye, it seems the Four Seasons Miami has joined the ranks. Picture this: Kanye, the rapper-turned-designer-turned-all-purpose-scourge, decided to set up shop at this swanky hotel, complete with his own recording studio. But alas, trouble followed him like a shadow. The staff, especially the security team, couldn’t tolerate his late-night shenanigans with a revolving door of guests.

One particularly wild night featured Kanye donning a black Ku Klux Klan mask (because why not?) during the Art Basel festival. The result? A parade of about 15 SUVs shuttling in and out of the hotel until the ungodly hour of 5 a.m. No wonder the hotel isn’t rolling out the red carpet for Kanye’s return – they’ve had enough of the chaos.

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While Kanye may be temporarily out of town, his return might not be met with open arms. The reps for the hotel are tight-lipped, and Kanye’s publicist is apparently MIA. In the meantime, as he gears up for his “Vultures” album release, Kanye attempted a little fence-mending, offering an apology to the Jewish community in Hebrew. Classic Kanye move.

So, as Kanye and Bianca frolicked in LA over the holidays, it turns out Kanye had set up shop in Miami for a spell. Go figure. The Four Seasons is well within its rights to give Kanye the boot, especially if he’s turning their five-star haven into a circus. Here’s a thought: maybe, just maybe, we should let Kanye stay canceled, and spare the world from the spectacle of a “Kanye comeback.”


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