‘Sex & The City’ to Stream on Netflix From April 2024

Fabulous Sex and the City enthusiasts! Hold onto your cosmos because it’s time to break out the Manolos and celebrate like it’s a sample sale at Bloomingdale’s!

Guess what? All six seasons of the ultimate, award-winning HBO masterpiece are about to sashay onto your Netflix screens. Get ready to binge-watch your favorite New York City gals as they navigate love, friendship, and more designer shoes than you can shake a stick at.

Starting in April, this glorious series is joining the Netflix party as a co-exclusive with Max. That’s right, it’s like having two VIP passes to the hottest TV show extravaganza. And fear not, HBO’s streaming service will still have a front-row seat for all the fabulousness, because why limit the fabulousness to just one platform?

This whole shebang is thanks to a deal that HBO’s parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, struck with Netflix last July. It’s like the universe decided to throw a TV show reunion, and we’re all invited!

Now, before you start planning your Carrie Bradshaw-themed watch parties, we’ve got to spill the cosmopolitan-scented tea. Sadly, Netflix won’t be serving up the Sex and the City movies or the current sequel series, And Just Like That – at least not right now. Hold your designer hats, though; who knows what the future holds? Maybe Samantha will swoop in fashionably late with more streaming surprises.

So, mark your calendars, prep your favorite cocktail, and get ready for a Netflix-and-chill session that’s bound to be more fabulous than a Fifth Avenue shopping spree!

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