Ryan Gosling Hasn’t Shown His Kids ‘Barbie’

Ryan Gosling is keeping his Ken alter ego on the down-low from his little ones—probably a good call!

The 43-year-old heartthrob delved into the world of plastic fantastic as Ken with the unwavering support of his long-time partner, Eva Mendes, and their dynamic duo, Esmerelda (9) and Amada (7). But here’s the scoop on why Ryan’s not ready for a family movie night featuring Barbie and Ken just yet.

“I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for my kids to witness their old man as Ken,” Ryan hilariously spilled to E! News. “I mean, who knows at what age it’s acceptable to witness your dad in all his Ken glory? It gets wild in there!”

Despite the kids missing out on the Ken spectacle, they did get a sneak peek behind the scenes. “They’ve caught glimpses and even dropped by the set one day when I was busting out some epic dance moves,” Ryan shared.

The motivation behind Ryan’s venture into the Barbie universe? Well, it turns out his daughters’ love for Barbie played a crucial role.

“I knew they were all about it because they’d bug me to go to Target,” Ryan laughed, reminiscing. “We’d stroll down to the Barbie aisle, and my wife and I got the hint—’Alright, it’s time for some Barbies.’ But here’s the kicker: zero interest in Ken! Which was both intriguing and a bit of a blow.”

In true dad fashion, Ryan mused, “So, I figured, why not create something for and with them? Enter Ken—my ticket to parenting stardom and a chance to be the coolest dad in the dollhouse.” Looks like Ken’s got some serious competition, and it’s not just from other action figures!

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Ryan Gosling Hasn’t Shown His Kids ‘Barbie’


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