Lisa Kudrow Won’t Adopt Matthew Perry’s Dog

The online rumor mill’s been working overtime, churning out wild tales that Lisa Kudrow is about to go all pet detective and adopt Matthew Perry’s dearly departed dog, Alfred. But folks, grab your magnifying glasses and get ready for the grand revelation – it’s about as factual as the existence of Bigfoot riding a unicorn!

A few years back, our good ol’ Chandler Bing, aka Matthew Perry, proudly introduced us to his Doodle puppy, Alfred. Fast forward to today, and Alfred seems to have found himself in the loving company of Matthew’s ex, Molly Hurwitz. Just six weeks ago, Molly even gave Alfred the ‘gram treatment! So, we’re guessing Alfred’s got the ultimate doggo life going on.

Now, hold onto your Central Perk coffee mugs, because here’s the hot-off-the-press truth bomb – Matthew Perry didn’t have a furry friend in the form of a dog when he left this earthly realm. So, sorry, Lisa, there’s no doggie inheritance plan in the works.

Molly, ever the supportive ex, paid her respects to the late and great Matthew Perry following his cosmic departure. You can catch her heartfelt words elsewhere, but one thing’s for sure, the whole Friends squad is shedding tears as they say, “RIP.” So, let’s remember the good times, the laughs, and the iconic episodes that’ll keep Chandler, Joey, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, and Monica forever etched in our sitcom-loving hearts.

Lisa Kudrow Won’t Adopt Matthew Perry’s Dog
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