Ice Spice Speaks Out About Pregnancy Rumors

Ice Spice is on a culinary escapade, but hold your cravings – it’s not because she’s expecting a mini-meal buddy! The rap sensation found herself in the spicy soup of pregnancy rumors after dropping a sizzling pic on social media.

Before the gossip could spread faster than hot sauce on a burrito, our Bronx rap queen extinguished the baby-bump blaze with a tweet that deserves a Grammy for shutting it down. On Monday, January 22, she declared, “nobody pregnant n***as just phat.”

Now, let’s talk about the pic that had everyone cooking up baby theories. Ice served a snapshot of herself with a sneak peek at her belly, courtesy of a semi-sheer top that left fans hungrier for answers than a late-night snack. Paired with gray shorts and red fuzzy slippers, she showcased her maternity chic. Oh, did we mention the long red wig and a bag big enough to carry all the baby gear (and maybe a rapper or two)?

Fans, however, didn’t just devour the style; they thought they spotted a baby bump. “Wait, is she pregnant for real?” one fan questioned, while another, perhaps a detective in disguise, wanted to know, “Who’s the baby daddy?”

Some brave souls even shouted “Preggers!” and started a virtual paternity guessing game. “Who got yo girl preggo?” they wondered. The news sent shockwaves through the fandom, with one person dramatically exclaiming, “NOOOO YOU’RE PREGNANT!” Meanwhile, 25 grown men reportedly fell to their knees on the sidewalk, shedding tears of joy (or maybe just drama). Congrats, Ice!

As for her love life, it’s been as private as a secret recipe. Ice hinted at having a boyfriend in October 2023, but she’s keeping the details under wraps faster than a burrito in foil. According to the Los Angeles Times, “She’s currently dating someone,” but Ice prefers to keep the focus on her music, not her love life. Smart move – let the beats drop, not the baby news!

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Remember the Drake and Pete Davidson dating rumors? Yeah, those were as real as unicorn sightings. Ice Spice keeps it spicy in her music, not in her romantic escapades. The only thing growing here is her fan base, not a baby bump. So, chill out, and let Ice Spice serve up the jams, not the diaper changes!


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