John Stamos Talks About Matthew Perry on ‘Friends’

John Stamos is taking a trip down memory lane, and it’s all about our beloved Chandler Bing, aka Matthew Perry!

The 60-year-old Full House maestro hopped on the Insta-train to share his heartfelt memories of the Friends legend, who sadly bid adieu to this mortal coil at the tender age of 54.

Picture this: John and Matthew were tighter than Ross and his leather pants long before the world knew the joys of Central Perk. John recalls the good old days, saying, “So, way before Friends was a twinkle in a coffee mug, Matt and I were bosom buddies.”

Now, here’s where it gets juicy. John made a guest appearance as Zach, the potential baby batter provider for none other than Chandler and Monica. So, picture this: John is all psyched, standing backstage, ready to make his grand entrance. And what does Matt do? He leans in and whispers, “Prepare for pandemonium, John! The crowd is gonna lose their minds when they see you!” 🤩

John struts through that door with the confidence of Joey at a buffet, expecting roars of applause and screams of joy. But what happens? Crickets. Absolute silence! John felt like he’d just stepped on a banana peel, about to quit showbiz for good.

Matt, the ultimate prankster, strolls over to the studio audience and says, “Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the one and only John Stamos! You probably didn’t recognize him at first because he’s even more stunning in person!”

And just like that, John’s faith in humanity and his acting career were restored, all thanks to the witty and charming Matthew Perry.

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So, in honor of our forever funny Chandler, John reminds us that we’ll never forget this legend. #RIPMatthewPerry


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