Dua Lipa Splits From Romain Gavras After Eight Months

Oh la la! Looks like Dua Lipa and French filmmaker Romain Gavras have decided to part ways after an eight-month rollercoaster of love. According to insider gossip, they bid adieu to their romance “after a summer of love,” which probably means they forgot to bring the sunscreen for the heart.

Rumor has it, the 27-year-old Lipa is now in a committed relationship with her music, ditching candlelit dinners for studio sessions. Meanwhile, the 41-year-old Gavras, known for directing music videos for the likes of Kanye West and Jay-Z, is left swiping right on his next film project.

These lovebirds first strutted into the limelight in March 2023, turning heads as they left a Saint Laurent Paris Fashion Week show together. They even held hands at the Cannes Film Festival in May, giving us all the “aww” moments we needed.

According to an insider, Lipa and Gavras had more chemistry than a high school science experiment and were as happy as a puppy in a bacon factory. However, it seems that the cosmic forces of long-distance woes and Lipa’s jam-packed schedule played the ultimate game of relationship Jenga.

Lipa is now in the studio, cooking up her third album, set to drop in 2024. Brace yourselves for a musical feast! And if that’s not enough, she’s planning a world tour to sprinkle her magic across the globe.

As for Gavras, he’s busy crafting his next cinematic masterpiece, scheduled to grace our screens in 2025. Get ready for a visual feast that might just make you forget the heartbreak โ€“ or at least distract you with some seriously cool visuals.

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So far, no word from Lipa or Gavras on the split. Perhaps they’re too busy navigating the tricky terrain of post-breakup snack choices โ€“ a critical decision, we must say. Until then, let’s wish them both the best on their solo adventures in the realms of music and film!


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