Lady Gaga Slammed by Former NYU Classman Carly Waddell

Once upon a time in the quirky realm of academia, the dazzling Lady Gaga strutted her way to college at the grand ol’ NYU. She waltzed her artistic self into the prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, ready to conquer the world with her outrageous outfits and extraordinary talent. Little did she know that amidst the sea of students, one of her classmates would be none other than Carly Waddell, who would later take her own wild ride into Bachelor Nation stardom.

Now, for the uninitiated, Carly was once just a hopeful contestant in the chaotic circus that is “The Bachelor,” specifically on season 19. She then decided to double down on her quest for love (and reality TV fame) by diving headfirst into the tumultuous waters of “Bachelor in Paradise” during season two. She couldn’t resist another go-round in the romantic carnival and returned for season three of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Lo and behold, love found her in the form of Evan Bass, leading to an engagement, a televised wedding ceremony in 2017, and even a pair of mini-Bachelor spawn. However, as reality TV love often goes, they packed their bags and parted ways in December 2020.

Now, back to those college days. What exactly went down in those hallowed halls of Tisch when Gaga and Carly shared the spotlight?

Well, in a twist that even Shakespeare would find amusing, Carly spilled some beans on Jason Tartick’s “Trading Secrets” podcast. She revealed that she and Gaga were part of the “We’re Outta Here” club, meaning they both dropped out of the program. But here’s where it gets interesting – Carly wasn’t exactly Gaga’s biggest fan back then. She recalled a time when Gaga was Stefani and not yet the global superstar we know today.

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In her own words, Carly didn’t exactly roll out the red carpet for Stefani, and here’s the why. Stefani, in her pre-Gaga days, had a peculiar lunchtime ritual. She’d plop herself down at a piano (yes, there was a piano in the dance studio because… why not?) and serenade the world with her rendition of “Wicked” at full throttle. Every. Single. Day. Now, don’t get Carly wrong, she acknowledged that Stefani was supremely talented. The girl could sing, no doubt about it! But here’s the kicker: Carly just wanted to enjoy her sandwich in peace.

It appears that Stefani, now Lady Gaga, was merely acting like your everyday musical theatre aficionado. So, perhaps Carly should’ve explored other dining options, preferably far, far away from the musical tornado that was about to become Lady Gaga. But hey, if you ever find yourself trapped in a cafeteria concert with an emerging pop sensation, just remember to savor your sandwich – fame doesn’t wait for anyone’s lunch break!


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