Goldie Hawn Reveals That Aliens Once Touched Her Face

Goldie Hawn, yes, that Goldie Hawn, the legendary actress and all-around cool human, recently spilled the extraterrestrial beans. She’s not just into yoga and meditation; she’s also a card-carrying member of the “I Believe in Aliens” club.

During a podcast episode on Apple Fitness+, where they apparently discuss everything from fitness to… extraterrestrials, Goldie dropped a cosmic bombshell. She claims that she once had an encounter with aliens back in the swinging ’60s. You know, that era of flower power, bell-bottoms, and spacey stuff. It seems like everyone was seeing UFOs or had a cousin who knew someone who’d been abducted by aliens. It was like the Woodstock of the extraterrestrial world.

So, picture this: Goldie, in her prime at the tender age of 20, was having a wild night out, probably doing the twist or the mashed potato. After all the dancing, she’s passed out in a friend’s car in the California desert. And then it happened – the soundtrack of her life got weird. A “high-pitched sound” pierced the air, and Goldie woke up, probably thinking it was just a remix of “Twist and Shout.”

But nope, it was something out of this world – literally. She looked out the window, and what did she see? Not a drive-in movie screen or a UFO-themed gas station, but two or three triangular-headed beings. These guys were as silver as a disco ball, with mouths that looked like they’d just partied too hard. Small noses, no ears – they were like the missing link between ET and Daft Punk.

What’s more, these cosmic ravers were pointing at Goldie, like she was the life of the party they’d been searching for. And they were making some weird droning noises. She couldn’t move, totally paralyzed. Was it real? Was it just an interstellar disco dream?

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But then, in a dramatic twist that could be straight out of a sci-fi thriller, she suddenly snapped out of it. It was like breaking free from an invisible force field. And, like any good 60s survivor, she ran back to her friends, probably screaming, “Hey, guys, guess what? I think I just made first contact with space creatures!” Can you imagine the looks on their faces?

Years later, Goldie shared her alien tale with an astrophysicist in Illinois, who must’ve thought, “Well, this beats talking about black holes any day.” She recalled how those spacey fellas touched her face, and it felt like “the finger of God.” Seriously, that’s one cosmic spa day experience. It was all benevolent and filled with light, and suddenly, the universe made a little more sense.

Goldie’s partner in crime, Kurt Russell, yes, Snake Plissken himself, had his own close encounter of the UFO kind. He claimed to be the pilot who radioed in a mysterious mass sighting of UFOs over Phoenix back in 1997, an incident that became known as the “Phoenix Lights.” So, it seems these two are the ultimate power couple – they’ve got aliens on speed dial.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a fan of The X-Files, so hearing these stories about UFOs, or as they’re now called, “UAPs” (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), is right up my alley. Because, let’s be real, the universe is like a giant cosmic nightclub, and we’re just the awkward guests trying to fit in.

As for Goldie’s story, it’s interesting and a bit spooky, don’t you think? It’s like a cosmic rollercoaster ride you never signed up for. And the fact that both Goldie and Kurt didn’t remember these experiences until later on? That’s like forgetting your own birthday and then remembering you’re the queen of England. It’s mind-boggling!

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But here’s the big question: Did those aliens give Goldie that warm and fuzzy feeling on purpose? Maybe they’re just trying to improve their public relations here on Earth. “Hey, we’re not here to conquer, we just want to make you feel all warm and squishy inside.” It’s like an interstellar charm offensive.

And who knows, maybe there’s an alien out there boasting about their wild night on Earth. “I once touched Goldie Hawn’s forehead, you know!” So, the next time you’re stargazing, remember that the universe is a wild and wacky place, and who knows what cosmic surprises are waiting just beyond the stars?


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