Helen Mirren Praises Adele at The THR Entertainment Gala

Helen Mirren, majestic queen of the screen, recently showered Adele with compliments in a way that made Edith Piaf and Elvis Presley blush from the great beyond.

Picture this: The glitz and glamour of The Hollywood Reporter’s Annual Women in Entertainment Gala in La La Land. There stands Helen, not just handing out an award but unleashing a cosmic revelation about Adele’s vocal prowess. With the gravitas of a Shakespearean monologue, Helen declared, “You know, there are moments in life that you never forget, and none more so than when you first hear an artist and a song that’s truly different from anything that’s come before and really speaks to you.”

Cue the drumroll for the legends—Edith Piaf, the French chanteuse extraordinaire, and the pelvis-wiggling king himself, Elvis Presley. Helen reminisced, “I’ll never forget the first time I had that experience was when I heard Edith Piaf sing, and then when I heard Elvis Presley sing, and I had exactly the same reaction a few decades later.” Time travel, anyone?

Fast forward to 2008, the era of questionable fashion choices and flip phones. Helen vividly recalls the seismic moment when Adele unleashed ‘Hometown Glory’ upon the world, sending shivers down her spine. “That chill that comes just a few times in your life when you realize you are listening to a brilliant and game-changing artist,” she proclaimed. “And I thought, wow, a goddess walks amongst us.” Move over, mere mortals!

Helen spilled the tea on a radio interview revelation. In her own words, “I thought, ‘Oh my God, not only is she a goddess, she’s an ordinary Londoner just like me. I mean, what an extraordinary rare combination of being one of us, but also having a talent and a tenor that can take us, transport us to somewhere truly otherworldly.” Imagine discovering that your favorite celestial being also knows the struggle of the morning commute.

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And the grand finale: Adele’s voice, according to Helen, is not just a vocal masterpiece; it’s a relic of the ages. “Truly timeless,” she declared, as if Adele’s vocal cords were dipped in the elixir of musical immortality.

Helen Mirren, the ultimate Adele stan, painting a portrait of the singing sensation as a time-traveling, London-commuting, goddess of vocal enchantment. All hail the laughter-inducing, genre-bending, and downright hilarious world of Adele fandom!



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