Emily Ratajkowski Photoshoot Slammed as “Fat-Phobic”

Hold onto your oversized jeans, because Emily Ratajkowski’s latest photoshoot is causing more waves than a cat in a kiddie pool!

The 32-year-old model recently graced the pages of the French magazine Le Monde, and let’s just say, the reactions were more explosive than a confetti cannon at a clown convention.

In this riveting display of fashion audacity, Emily found herself entangled in a pair of jeans so large they could double as a circus tent. Picture this: one leg in, the other leg out, like she’s auditioning for the world’s quirkiest interpretative dance.

She pulled the waistband so far away from her body that it looked like she was trying to create a personal space bubble that could rival the size of a small country. Move over, Luxembourg, Emily’s denim gap is the new sovereign state!

Fans weren’t exactly applauding this sartorial spectacle. Instead, they unleashed a barrage of comments that hit harder than a custard pie in the face. One brave soul exclaimed, “Did y’all really think this was a masterpiece? The only masterpiece here is my eye-roll. The fashion industry needs a reality check!”

And then there’s the evergreen topic of Emily’s literary masterpiece, “My Body.” Some skeptics are scratching their heads, not about the book’s content, but about the fact that anyone bought it. One commentator quipped, “I can’t believe she wrote a book. Even more unbelievable? People actually bought it. I guess it’s the perfect companion for propping up wobbly table legs.”

While Emily has been a vocal advocate against the harsh standards of the modeling world, this photoshoot seemed to have missed the memo. It’s almost as if the jeans were a metaphor for the unrealistic expectations placed on women’s bodies. Or maybe they just grabbed the wrong pair from the prop closet.

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In any case, this fashion fiasco has left us questioning more than just the choice of denim. It’s got us pondering life’s mysteries, like why cats hate water and why oversized jeans are now a thing. The saga continues!


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