Rare Photo of Mason Disick Shared by Aunt Kim Kardashian

Mason Disick just made a rarer appearance on social media than a unicorn at a disco party!

Kim Kardashian, the queen of Instagram, blessed us mere mortals with a snapshot from her recent family escapade. The lineup? Kim and her squad of mini-Kardashians—North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm—teaming up with the Lord of the Disick manor, Scott, and his duo of heirs to the Disick legacy, Mason and Penelope.

Captioning the photo with the word “Everything,” Kim had us wondering if they stumbled upon the secret to life, the universe, and the perfect contour.

Now, let’s talk about Mason, the ninja of the Kardashian clan. You know, the stealthy 13-year-old who’s harder to spot than Waldo at a camouflage convention. Mason has this magical ability to avoid popping up in any Kardashian Instagram post, and he’s basically the Houdini of the Kardashian Hulu series, ‘The Kardashians.’

Remember Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s wedding special? Yeah, the one where we all played detective to find out if Mason was at the wedding like a Where’s Waldo challenge. Turns out, he’s got some secret agent skills because, lo and behold, he ninja-ed his way into a single photo that Kourtney shared on Instagram. Sneaky, sneaky.

In an exclusive interview with the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast back in the ancient times of October 2022, Kourtney spilled the tea on Mason’s aversion to the spotlight. Apparently, Mason is the anti-Kardashian when it comes to cameras and social media. The dude’s like, “Nope, not today, Satan!” and prefers to keep it old school.

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“He does not like it. He doesn’t want any part of it. He’s not on social media,” Kourtney spilled the beans. “He doesn’t love it, and I want my kids to be kids. I crave normalcy as much as we can have it.”

Mason Disick: the mystery man, the Instagram ghost, the undercover agent of normalcy in the Kardashian circus. Keep dodging those cameras, Mason, and may your moments of normalcy be ever so plentiful!


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