King Charles Launches Probe to Find Out Who Leaked Meghan Markle’s Letter Naming Racist Royals

King Charles III is launching a full-blown investigation in the royal realm! It seems some palace insiders are in the know about Meghan Markle’s secret letter, playing a game of “Guess the Royal Racist.” Yes, you heard it right – the palace has turned into a gossip hub hotter than a dragon’s breath.

Rumor has it that even the palace staff had front-row seats to the Meghan Markle drama, and now they’re all playing detective, Sherlock Holmes-style. The Duchess denied any involvement in the leak, pointing fingers at her ‘mouthpiece’ biographer, Omid Scobie, as the leak culprit. Talk about a royal whodunit!

According to an undisclosed source (because, of course, they’re always undisclosed), the quest for the sneaky leaker who spilled the royal tea to Scobie is in full swing. It’s like a scandalous treasure hunt, but instead of gold, we’re after the identities of two ‘royal racists.’ Move over, Pirates of the Caribbean; we’ve got the Royals of Buckingham on a mission!

In the latest chapter of this royal soap opera, King Charles and Kate Middleton have been fingered as the royals in hot water, accused of making shady comments about baby Archie’s skin color before he even graced us with his royal presence. Oh, the audacity!

King Charles isn’t taking this royal ruckus lightly. He’s consulting with his top advisors, probably trying to figure out if a royal decree or just some stern frowns will fix this mess. Buckingham Palace is doing some serious soul-searching, internally investigating who might have spilled the beans. But fear not, they’re as confident as a cat in a sunbeam that the leak didn’t come from their own ranks. Only a ‘tiny handful’ had access to the top-secret letters, or so they claim.

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Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan are staying mum on the whole scandal. Maybe they’re binge-watching a new season of their favorite show, or perhaps they’re just too busy practicing their royal wave in private.

As for Omid Scobie, he’s caught in the crossfire of accusations. Some call him the Sussexes’ ‘mouthpiece,’ but he vehemently denies it, stating, ‘I’m not ‘Meg’s pal.” It’s like the royal version of ‘he said, she said,’ but with tiaras and tea.

Let’s not forget about the Duchess of Sussex herself, who allegedly spilled the royal tea in letters to King Charles. Her sources swear she never meant for the names to go public. Oops! It’s like accidentally sending a text to the wrong group chat, but on a much grander scale.

So, grab your popcorn, royal enthusiasts, because this palace saga is turning into a comedy of errors fit for a Shakespearean play. To be leaked or not to be leaked, that is the royal question!


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