Joshua Bassett Wins an Emmy for ‘Finally Free’ From ‘High School Musical: The Musical: The Series’

Guess what? Joshua Bassett, the 22-year-old sensation, just snagged an Emmy for his mind-blowing songwriting skills! Yes, you heard it right, an Emmy! The award for Outstanding Original Song for a Children’s or Young Teen Program now has Joshua’s name on it, and we’re pretty sure it’s already practicing its acceptance speech in the mirror.

Picture this: Joshua strutting up to the stage with his co-conspirators in catchy tunes, Doug Rockwell and Tova. It’s like the Avengers of songwriting, but cooler and with more sequins.

In his award-winning speech, Joshua took a moment to give props to Disney for taking a chance on them. Tim Federle also got a shout-out for being the ultimate believer when everyone else was probably just bobbing their heads to the beat of Joshua’s genius.

But it doesn’t stop there. Joshua went full-on Oscar-level gratitude, thanking his family for their sideline cheers and Doug and Tova for being the real MVPs with hearts as beautiful as a rainbow after a summer storm. And, oh boy, he even threw in a shout-out to Jesus Christ for saving his life. Now that’s some divine inspiration for you!

Hold on, though, because Joshua had a serious moment amidst the laughs. In a plot twist, he reminded us that while winning an award for a song titled ‘Finally Free’ is groovy and all, the world outside isn’t exactly a freedom party. Cue the serious music. He called for a superhero league to fight for the oppressed and be the vocal chords for those who can’t quite hit the high notes yet. Because, let’s face it, until everyone is free, it’s not really a party worth attending.

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Joshua Bassett, the Emmy-winning maestro, making us laugh, cry, and think all in one award acceptance speech. Who knew songwriting could be this entertaining? Someone get this guy a sitcom already!


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