Jennifer Hudson and Common Are All Over Each Other on Her Talk Show

Guess who’s crashing the party on The Jennifer Hudson Show? None other than the one and only Common! Yep, the 51-year-old rapper and actor is strutting his stuff as Jennifer’s special guest on the Monday (January 22) episode, and things are getting spicier than a jalapeño in a salsa dance-off.

In a sneak peek of the episode, these two lovebirds are dropping hints about their romance without shouting from the rooftops, “Hey, we’re an item!” I mean, come on, we all saw them cozied up courtside at a Lakers game. It’s like the worst-kept secret since pineapple on pizza – we all know, but we’re still pretending to be surprised.

Jennifer, being the master interrogator she is, dives straight into the lovey-dovey pool. “Now, we gotta talk business, Mr. Common. I’m the captain of this ship, and people are dying to know about your love life. spill the tea, spill it all!” she demands.

Common, cool as a cucumber, spills the tea like he’s pouring himself a cup in the morning. “Oh, you bet! I’m in a relationship with someone who’s basically a unicorn – beautiful, smart, loves God, and has that down-to-earth charm. I set my standards high, you know. She had to have an EGOT, win an Oscar on her first movie, get her own talk show. No biggie.”

He then goes on to list her achievements like he’s reading off a grocery list. Meanwhile, Jennifer is sitting there, probably wondering if she left the oven on at home. But wait, it’s her turn under the spotlight.

“I’m in the dating game too, and let me tell you, it’s rainbows and butterflies on my end,” Jennifer giggles, throwing the question right back at him. “Are you happy in your love bubble?”

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Common, looking like he just found a golden ticket in his chocolate bar, replies, “Absolutely. This relationship is my happy place. Seeing her happy makes me happy. It’s like a happiness Inception. I thank God every day and let Him be my GPS in this love journey.”

Jennifer, always the jokester, chimes in, “At the happy place, we respect privacy like we’re secret agents. No more nosy questions, but seriously, everyone’s dying to know.”

They spill the beans about attending a basketball game and a Usher concert in Las Vegas together, and I don’t know about you, but I’m already booking tickets for the next game of “Guess the Celeb Couple.”

Don’t miss the full scoop on The Jennifer Hudson Show, airing on Monday (January 22)! It’s gonna be more entertaining than a cat playing the piano – and that’s saying something!


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