Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Call-Out Two Royals Who Commented on Baby Archie’s Skin Color

Meghan Markle dropped a bombshell, revealing that the royal gossip mill was buzzing with talks about her son Archie’s skin tone. It’s like the royal family suddenly turned into a bunch of amateur fortune tellers, pondering over the cosmic mysteries of baby complexions.

Prince Harry and Meghan spilled the tea, claiming that somewhere in the majestic halls of the palace, someone was musing about Archie’s melanin levels. Seriously, who knew royal family gatherings included discussions that sounded more like a bizarre episode of a color-themed game show?

Now, author Omid Scobie’s book, “Endgame,” promises to uncover the royal juiciness. Meghan, in her confidential letters to the King, apparently pointed fingers at two undercover agents of skin color debates within the Royal Household. It’s like a suspenseful thriller, only instead of espionage, we’re talking about shade speculations.

The book, set to hit shelves with the subtlety of a royal carriage, is keeping the identities of these undercover color analysts under wraps. But fear not, the secret squirrel at The Sun seems to have caught a whiff. Are they royalty? Are they palace interns? Are they secretly moonlighting as royal portrait artists with a side hustle in fortune-telling? The world may never know, thanks to UK legal hurdles and a royal code of silence that rivals Hogwarts.

Apparently, Meghan and Charles had a pen-pal session in the spring of 2021, exchanging letters that could rival the drama of a Shakespearean play. Rumor has it, the two mysterious figures were present in these correspondences, like characters in a suspense novel yet to be revealed.

Meghan, being the superhero we never knew we needed, wanted to address “unconscious bias and ignorance” within the royal walls. It’s like she entered the palace armed with a mission to sprinkle awareness like fairy dust on the not-so-magical aspects of royal life.

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During her Oprah interview, Meghan hinted at color-coded comments about Archie but decided to keep the name-calling to a minimum. “I think that would be very damaging to them,” she said, displaying a level of restraint that most of us would struggle to muster.

In a world where royals talk skin tones and authors play detective, “Endgame” promises to be the rollercoaster we never knew we needed.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Call-Out Two Royals Who Commented on Baby Archie’s Skin Color



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