Martha Stewart Opens Up About the Plastic Surgery She’s Had Done

Martha Stewart, queen of all things domestic, is spilling the beans on her facial renovations. The 82-year-old dynamo, known for her impeccable selfies that could make a millennial blush, is finally coming clean about her fountain-of-youth secrets.

In a tell-all podcast episode on iHeartRadio, Martha dishes out the juicy details. She starts off with a bang, addressing the elephant in the room—her face! Martha reveals that every time she posts a selfie online, it’s like opening the floodgates of curiosity. People can’t help but speculate about her flawless facade. Who’s responsible for those gravity-defying cheeks? When did she join the ranks of the Botox battalion? And just how much Photoshop sorcery is involved?

But fear not, dear listeners, Martha’s here to spill the tea. Drumroll, please! insert drumroll sound effect According to the maven herself, her secret recipe for eternal youth involves a pinch of Botox, a dash of filler, and a sprinkle of lasers. Voilà! It’s like baking a cake, but instead of flour and sugar, you’re using science and a touch of magic.

Martha isn’t just relying on needles and lasers to defy Father Time. Oh no, she’s the CEO of her own anti-aging empire, complete with a rigorous skincare routine and a commitment to healthy living. She spills the beans on her daily regimen, which includes more than just slathering on moisturizer and calling it a day. From exercising like a boss to sticking to a diet that would put most health gurus to shame, Martha’s dedication to staying forever young is nothing short of legendary.

And let’s talk about confidence, shall we? Martha isn’t just about looking good; she’s about feeling good too. With a neck and jawline that could rival a Greek statue, she struts her stuff with the confidence of a supermodel on a catwalk.

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Martha Stewart’s guide to defying age and looking fabulous while doing it. Who needs a time machine when you’ve got Botox and a killer skincare routine? Martha’s living proof that age is just a number—and she’s not planning on slowing down anytime soon.


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