Spyglass Media Group Explain Reason Behind Melissa Barrera Firing

Spyglass Media Group, the mastermind behind the Scream movies, just dropped a bombshell statement about the dramatic exit of Melissa Barrera, AKA one of the cool cats from the upcoming Scream 7.

In a plot twist worthy of its own horror flick, the 33-year-old actress got the axe from the slasher saga after making some pro-Palestine comments. I mean, who knew the Scream franchise was so politically charged? Maybe Ghostface is just misunderstood and wants world peace?

Spyglass didn’t mince words, delivering a statement that screams, “We’re not here for drama, except the on-screen kind!” The spokesperson for the studio spilled the tea, saying, “We have zero tolerance for antisemitism or any hate vibes, whether it’s fake genocide shout-outs, ethnic cleansing name-dropping, Holocaust distortion, or anything that’s just straight-up hate speech. Bye, Felicia!”

Christopher Landon, the maestro behind the camera for the upcoming screamfest, took to Twitter/X (whatever that means in director lingo) to spill the beans. His statement? A broken heart emoji and a plea to stop the yelling. Dude wants everyone to know he’s not the puppet master pulling the strings on this decision. Talk about a director caught in the crossfire of studio shenanigans!

In case you missed the memo, Christopher snagged the director’s chair back in August, swooping in like a superhero to save the day from Radio Silence. Little did he know he’d end up in the middle of a real-life screamfest with Spyglass giving the boot to Melissa. Will this drama be scarier than Ghostface’s chilling phone calls? Only time will tell, but for now, grab your popcorn and enjoy the show—off-screen drama included!

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Spyglass Media Group Explain Reason Behind Melissa Barrera Firing


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