Piers Morgan Slammed for Naming the Two Racist Royals Who Commented on Prince Archie’s Color

Piers Morgan has been on a trending rollercoaster, spilling tea hotter than a dragon’s breath. This time, he’s playing the name game, dishing out not one, but two royal family members allegedly involved in a chit-chat about none other than Prince Archie, the tiny royal tyke.

Flashback to March 2021, when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spilled enough tea to fill Buckingham Palace’s moat during an interview with Oprah Winfrey. Meghan dropped a bombshell about someone in the royal family musing over the potential shade of Archie’s baby skin. Talk about a royal paint swatch moment! Back then, the guilty party remained a mystery, like a masked ball where everyone’s a suspect.

Now, Omid Scobie’s latest book, “Endgame,” hits the shelves with another bombshell: not one, but two royals allegedly joining the skin tone debate. Double trouble in the palace, y’all!

A Dutch translation of the book spilled the royal beans prematurely, like a royal cappuccino foaming over. The names were out there for everyone in the Netherlands to see, causing more chaos than a tea party with the Mad Hatter. The book got yanked from shelves faster than you can say “Queen’s corgis.”

Enter Piers Morgan, our royal town crier, boldly blurting out the names on his news program. Why? Well, according to Piers, if the Dutch can stumble upon the royal secrets in a bookstore, then the Brits footing the royal bill deserve to know too. It’s like a democracy for crown enthusiasts.

But hold onto your scepters, because the Palace isn’t having it. They’re reportedly considering “all options,” and that includes throwing the legal book at Piers. Looks like he might need more than a royal pardon for this one. The drama continues – grab your popcorn, this palace soap opera is far from a series finale!

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