Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Dating Since Divorce From Brandon Blackstock

In a dazzling display of candidness, the fabulous 41-year-old Kelly Clarkson spilled the tea on her love life during a recent rendezvous on the Kelly Clarkson Show. And guess what? Shannen Doherty, the guest of the day, is in the midst of a divorce drama herself. Cue the dramatic music!

Our beloved talk show host, Kelly, declared with all the seriousness of a clown at a somber party, “I think I need a little more work on me in a relationship to make sure I take care of myself at the same time as somebody else.” Because, you know, multitasking in love is an Olympic sport.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Kelly bid adieu to music manager Brandon Blackstock back in March 2022. And now, in a shocking turn of events, she confessed that divorce is as hard as trying to assemble IKEA furniture without the manual—okay, maybe even harder. “You thought you were going to spend forever with this person,” she wistfully sighed. We feel you, Kelly. Forever is a long time, especially when ‘this person’ starts to resemble a human-sized burrito in your nightmares.

But fear not, for Kelly is not one to wallow in heartbreak. Oh no, she’s in the stage of “really enjoying me.” It’s like she’s having a love affair with herself, and honestly, who can blame her? Self-love is the best kind of love, and Kelly is the captain of her own love boat.

And speaking of boats, or beds rather, Kelly spilled the beans on a canine conspiracy. Apparently, her dogs, who were once forbidden from the sacred mattress, are now the undisputed rulers of her sleeping kingdom. “Cause it’s for fun… that kinda fun,” she giggled mischievously. We can only imagine the canine council plotting strategies to thwart any potential human invaders. Sorry, future lovers, but Kelly’s bed is strictly reserved for furry friends and unbridled laughter.

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Let’s not forget the two little co-captains of the Clarkson ship, River Rose (9) and Remington “Remy” Alexander (7). These kiddos are navigating the stormy seas of parental separation with the help of their trusty sidekicks, Mom and an army of loyal furballs.

Kelly Clarkson is not just surviving divorce; she’s thriving in a world of self-love, canine conquests, and a bed that’s off-limits to anyone not covered in fur. Bravo, Kelly! May your journey through the seas of singledom be filled with laughter, love, and maybe a few more furry friends.


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