Nicola Peltz Talks About Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco’s Relationship

Nicola Peltz is about to spill the beans on Selena Gomez’s hot-off-the-press romance drama!

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or just too caught up in your own love triangle), let me catch you up: Selena, the eternal queen of pop, has been strutting her stuff on the arm of music maestro Benny Blanco since late 2023.

Now, picture this: Nicola, the ever-loyal bestie, struts onto the scene at the premiere of her latest flick, “Lola,” on a fabulously star-studded Saturday evening (February 3). Cameras flashing, microphones thrusting—she’s ready to spill the tea.

And spill she does!

With a twinkle in her eye and a smirk on her lips, Nicola dishes the deets to Entertainment Tonight: “They’re amazing,” she purrs, referring to Selena and her newfound lovebird.

But hold on, Nicola’s just getting warmed up. With a saucy wink and a nod to her own culinary companionship with hubby Brooklyn Beckham, she quips, “How lucky are [me and Selena] that we found these amazing cooks? I was like, ‘Yeah, we did good.'”

Oh, but it doesn’t end there, my friends. Nicola’s not just here to dish on romance—she’s here to gush about friendship, too!

“I’m so, so, so lucky to have her in my life,” Nicola swoons, her voice dripping with adoration. “Her support and everything means so much to me.”

Selena Gomez might have found her culinary soulmate in Benny Blanco, but Nicola Peltz? She’s found her ride-or-die, her partner-in-crime, her ultimate BFF in none other than the pop sensation herself. Let the romance—and the friendship—forever flourish!

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