Channing Tatum Dishes On 3rd ’21 Jump Street’ Movie

Channing Tatum, the heartthrob who made everyone want to become an undercover high school student, is dishing on the future of his beloved 21 Jump Street franchise. Yep, the guy who’s made a career out of blending brawn and brains with a touch of slapstick is back with some juicy gossip.

Picture this: It’s 2012, and Channing teams up with the comedy wizard Jonah Hill to reboot a TV show from the ’80s, creating cinematic gold. Fast forward two years, and boom, they did it again with 22 Jump Street. Audiences laughed, critics cheered, and somewhere in Hollywood, a producer bought a very expensive yacht. But what about the threequel?

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Well, hold onto your butts because there’s a script for 23 Jump Street, and Channing swears it’s the funniest thing since someone put googly eyes on a Mona Lisa print. In a candid (and likely hilarious) interview with, Channing spilled the beans.

“There is a project that was written, and it’s still the best script that I’ve ever read for a third movie,” Channing gushed. “Seriously, it’s like if Shakespeare and the writers of *The Hangover* had a comedy baby.” But alas, the script is currently stuck in the Hollywood equivalent of DMV hell – bureaucratic red tape.

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Channing lamented, “It’s just a lot of bureaucracy, kind of above-the-line stuff. It’s really hard to get it made, and we’ve been trying to get it done.” Translation: Someone somewhere is holding things up, probably while sipping on a latte and debating whether or not to get bangs.

Despite the delays, Channing is all in and itching to don his undercover badge once more. “We would love to just get to go play again,” he said, undoubtedly while Jonah Hill nodded vigorously in agreement. After all, who wouldn’t want to relive their fake high school glory days, especially when it involves epic pratfalls and snappy one-liners?

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The dream team is ready, the script is epic, and all we need now is for the bureaucratic overlords to get their act together. Until then, we’ll just have to keep rewatching the first two movies and praying to the comedy gods for a miracle.

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