Rachel McAdams Reveals Why She Turned Down a ‘Mean Girls’ Reunion

In the most uproarious twist of fate, Rachel McAdams spilled the beans on the Mean Girls cast reunion, and it turns out she missed the Walmart commercial party bus! Picture this: Lindsay, Amanda, and Lacey ready to roll, and Rachel standing there like, “Wait, there’s a party bus? Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

In an interview that can only be described as a comedic masterpiece with Variety, Rachel confessed her obliviousness to her co-stars’ cameo plans. With a deadpan delivery that would make even the most stoic statues crack a smile, she revealed, “I don’t know; I guess I wasn’t that thrilled about doing a commercial if I’m being brutally honest. Movies? Absolutely! Commercials? Not really my jam. Also…fun fact, I didn’t know the whole Mean Girls squad was in on it. I mean, I’d always love to reunite with my plastics, but yeah, I got the memo fashionably late.”

In a plot twist more unexpected than a cat playing the piano, Rachel spilled the tea on discussions about joining the Mean Girls movie musical. But alas, it seems the stars didn’t align for her grand musical debut.

“Tina [Fey] and I brainstormed like mad scientists, but making it all jive was like herding caffeinated cats. I was up for whatever Tina wanted – she’s the queen bee, after all. The direction it took sounds fabulous, though, and I’m counting down the days till I can grab my popcorn and watch the magic unfold. Maybe I’ll catch the next party bus, who knows?” she quipped.

Rachel McAdams, the unwitting star missing out on the Mean Girls Walmart fiesta, proving once and for all that even the coolest kids can accidentally skip the party memo.

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