There’s No Elvis Music in ‘Priscilla’

So, there’s this new flick called “Priscilla,” and it’s got more twists and turns than a rollercoaster made of spaghetti, but here’s the kicker: there ain’t a single hunka-hunka burnin’ love from the King himself. I mean, what gives, right?

Now, before you start swaying your hips in confusion, let me break it down for you. This movie is all about Priscilla Presley, the woman who had a front-row seat to Elvis’s blue suede shoes and rhinestone-studded lifestyle. She spilled the beans in her tell-all memoir “Elvis and Me,” dishing the details on their epic romance, the ups and downs, and why they eventually split faster than a peanut butter and banana sandwich at an Elvis convention.

Enter Randall Poster, the guy in charge of the groovy tunes in this A24 masterpiece. He’s here to spill the beans on why there’s no Elvis Presley tunes in the movie. Apparently, they went on a wild goose chase trying to snag those musical gems, but it was like trying to wrestle a greased pig in a butter factory.

Randall says, “We wanted to sprinkle some Elvis magic, you know, the whole ‘uh-huh-huh,’ into the mix, but it was like trying to catch lightning in a bottle with a broken butterfly net. The family was all, ‘Yeah, we’re cool with the movie,’ but then there’s this mysterious music rights owner in the shadows, and we knew we were in for a twistier ride than a rollercoaster in a tornado.”

And, hold onto your blue suede shoes, because it gets even wackier. The late Elvis’s estate wasn’t exactly throwing a hip-swivelin’ party in celebration of this movie. Even Elvis’s daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, was apparently not a fan of director Sofia Coppola’s script. Ouch!

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But fear not, the show must go on! They may not have had the King’s golden pipes serenading us through the movie, but they’ve got a handsome Jacob making us swoon as Elvis, and Thomas Mars, who worked on the soundtrack, says, “It’s better this way, but it was as stressful as trying to untangle a mess of blue Christmas lights. Elvis was a legend, and without his music, we were missing that sweet, sweet romantic vibe. But hey, it’s their legacy and their business, and they’re guarding it tighter than Fort Knox during a gold rush!”

“Priscilla” might be missing the King’s tunes, but it’s got more drama than a soap opera set in a rhinestone factory. And remember, even without Elvis’s music, the King’s spirit lives on, and we can always cue up “Jailhouse Rock” on our own time. Thank you, thank you very much!


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