Priscilla Presley Claims Elvis Was “Lonely”

Priscilla Presley spilled the beans on her relationship with the one and only Elvis Presley, and boy, was it more dramatic than a soap opera marathon!

The 78-year-old unleashed the juicy details in a chat with FOX 32, taking us on a wild ride back to the days when she first crossed paths with the Rock ‘n’ Roll royalty at the tender age of 14. I mean, who needs fairy tales when you’ve got Priscilla and Elvis, right?

She spilled the beans on Elvis’ secret crush on her, and no, it wasn’t because of some scandalous teenage romance. According to Priscilla, it was her unparalleled talent for listening. Move over, therapists! The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll found solace in the arms of a 14-year-old listener extraordinaire. The heart wants what it wants!

Priscilla revealed, “People can’t wrap their heads around it. No, it wasn’t a steamy affair at 14. It was more like a therapy session with sideburns. Elvis was lonely, and I was the teenage Dr. Phil without the mustache.”

Despite Elvis rocking the stage with all the charisma of a thousand sequins, Priscilla unveiled his hidden secret – stage fright! Yep, the man who made hearts swoon and hips shake had nerves that could rival a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

“Can you believe it? The King of Cool got the jitters before strutting his stuff in Vegas. Every time he hit the stage, it was like, ‘Was I good? Did the pelvis move right?’ It was like having a rock ‘n’ roll diva with a case of pre-show jitters,” Priscilla spilled.

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Fast forward to their grand wedding in May 1967 – Priscilla at 21, Elvis at 32 – and the duo officially became Mr. and Mrs. Rock ‘n’ Roll. Talk about a whirlwind romance! They even threw in a baby, Lisa Marie, just to keep things interesting.

The untold tale of a teenage therapist who stole the heart of the King, an Elvis who got sweaty palms before rocking out, and a love story crazier than a mashed-up mixtape of ‘Hound Dog’ and ‘Love Me Tender.’ Who needs Netflix when you’ve got the Presleys?


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