North West Reveals Her Debut Album ‘Elementary School Dropout’

Move over, world, because North West is about to drop the hottest album of the decade – and she’s only 10 years old!

In a move that surprised absolutely no one (because, c’mon, it’s Kim and Kanye’s offspring), North West revealed her plans to take the music industry by storm with her debut album, *Elementary School Dropout*. Yep, you read that right. Move over, college, because North’s skipping straight to the dropout phase!

The announcement came during a listening party for her dad Kanye’s latest album, *Vultures 2*. While Kanye was probably busy rapping about abstract concepts and designer clothes, North stole the spotlight with her big reveal. Picture it: a tiny 10-year-old, standing on stage, microphone in hand, announcing to the world, “I’ve been working on an album…” Cue the roaring applause and bewildered faces of the audience.

And let’s talk about that album title for a second. *Elementary School Dropout*. It’s like Kanye’s *The College Dropout*, but with juice boxes and recess. If Kanye paved the way for dropping out of college, North’s here to show us that you can achieve your dreams even if you haven’t hit double digits yet.

North isn’t just dropping hints about her album; she’s already made her musical debut on one of Kanye’s tracks. Imagine being 10 years old and casually featuring on your dad’s song. Meanwhile, most of us were still struggling to master the recorder in music class.

As for the release date of *Elementary School Dropout*, well, North’s keeping us on our toes. Maybe she’s too busy with her homework to finalize the details, or perhaps she’s just building suspense. Either way, we’re eagerly waiting to see what this pint-sized prodigy has in store for us. Watch out, world, because North West is coming for the charts, one multiplication table at a time!



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