SZA Opens Up About Rihanna Using Her Song ‘Consideration’ on ANTI

SZA, the 34-year-old mastermind behind the “Kill Bill” hit, spilled the tea on her track “Consideration” that ended up cozying up in Rihanna’s chart-topping album ANTI back in 2016. Hold onto your hats because it’s a tale of frustration, drama, and a sprinkle of diva vibes.

In a recent Variety interview, SZA confessed to feeling like a possessive parent unwilling to part with her precious creation. “I cared so much, and I was so like… just frustrated,” she spilled, sounding like someone who just found out they were the last to know about a party.

But why, you ask? Well, according to SZA, she thought she’d never whip up anything as cool again. Picture her clutching the song like it’s the last piece of pizza at a party, going, “I’ll never have anything this cool again!” Drama alert!

And get this – she had just shot a video for it and was ready to unleash it on the world. The label conversations were done, sealed, and delivered. It was like sending an invitation to a party and then realizing you can’t get in. Ouch!

Reflecting on that tumultuous time, SZA spilled, “It was just a matter of accepting, and in hindsight, it was so hard to let go and accept.” Letting go is never easy, especially when you’ve already bought the party decorations.

But fear not, SZA isn’t holding a grudge. In fact, she’s practically singing a hymn of gratitude now. “But now it’s like I’m so glad that that happened and that it didn’t cost me anything. If anything, I just gained a bunch from it. And I thank God that I made cool music outside of that,” she proclaimed, sounding like a preacher at the Church of Letting Go.

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SZA, in a moment of vulnerability, confessed, “Again, I don’t know why I just really thought my creativity would just stop, and like this was the pinnacle of what I could make. And she has it, and I’ll just never be anything.” Cue the melodramatic soap opera music.

But hey, fear not, because since the “Consideration” saga, SZA has skyrocketed to success. She’s even sashaying her way to the 2024 Grammys with a nomination for Album of the Year. Talk about turning lemons into Grammy-winning lemonade!

The epic tale of a song, a diva dilemma, and the rise of SZA from the ashes of “Consideration” to Grammy glory. Stay tuned for the next chapter in the wild world of music melodramas!


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