Macaulay Culkin’s Son’s Opinion of ‘Home Alone’ Revealed

Guess who just got a shiny star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? None other than the man, the myth, the legend – Macaulay Culkin! Yep, the guy from that movie you’ve probably watched a bazillion times – Home Alone. Macaulay, now a ripe 43 years old, celebrated this momentous occasion on Friday in the glitzy city of angels, Los Angeles.

But hold your horses, the real star of this show is none other than Macaulay’s partner in crime, Brenda Song, and their two kiddos. And let us tell you, Macaulay spilled the beans on a little family movie night drama that’s just too good not to share.

So, apparently, Macaulay’s elder munchkin, Dakota, who’s a whopping 2 years old (yes, you heard it right, two whole years of wisdom), has officially entered the Home Alone fan club. In an exclusive interview with ET, Macaulay spilled the cocoa on what goes down during movie time in the Culkin-Song household.

“I already showed it to him last year, he thinks it’s so funny,” Macaulay chuckled, trying to contain his parental excitement. “I convinced my oldest that he’s the kid in the movie. I said, ‘Remember you had yellow hair? Remember when you were getting the bad guys?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah!’ He is such a liar. I’m like, ‘You don’t remember any of that.’”

Yep, you read it right. Macaulay has successfully brainwashed—I mean, convinced—his toddler that he was the little mischief-maker in Home Alone. Because, you know, every parent’s dream is to rewrite cinematic history and cast their kid as the star. “Remember the bad guys, kiddo? That was totally you, rocking the yellow hair!” Classic parenting move, Mac.

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Macaulay spilled the beans on what having a star on the Walk of Fame really means to him. Forget about all the glitz and glamour; it’s all about sharing the love (and the embarrassment) with the next generation.

“It’s the reason pretty much to do anything now,” Macaulay declared with a twinkle in his eye. “We always talk about how we don’t remember our life before our kids – it’s a dream or a distant kind of concept, not a reality. I love the fact that my boys can come here and see a dog pee on my name.”

Forget the red carpet, forget the awards – Macaulay Culkin’s ultimate joy is having his kids witness a four-legged friend marking its territory on his Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Now, that’s what we call #DadGoals. Keep rocking, Mac!


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