Piers Morgan Calls Omid Scobie, Author of ‘Endgame,’ a ‘Lying Twerp’

Guess who’s shaking up the royal drama scene? None other than our favorite loose cannon, Piers Morgan! The man who never met a controversy he didn’t want to dive into has set his sights on Omid Scobie’s bombshell book, “Endgame,” like a bull charging at a red cape.

In a move that surprised absolutely no one, the 58-year-old former Good Morning Britain (GMB) firebrand took to X (formerly Twitter) to unleash a torrent of fury. He didn’t just call Scobie a liar; he went full Shakespearean insult, dubbing the poor biographer a ‘shameless lying lickspittle.’ That’s right, Piers Morgan just leveled up his insult game to 16th-century standards. Someone get this man a ruffled collar and a quill pen, ASAP!

So, what’s the beef? Well, according to Scobie’s literary masterpiece, Morgan and Queen Camilla supposedly have regular heart-to-hearts over the phone. Morgan, however, is having none of it. He took to the digital stage to declare, “I’ve never had a single phone chat with her in my entire life. He’s a lying twerp.” “Lying twerp” is undoubtedly a phrase we need to incorporate into our everyday vocabulary.

In a world where royal bombshells are dropped more frequently than your grandma’s tea biscuits, Morgan stands out as the knight in shining armor for truth. He’s been a vocal critic of Meghan and Harry since their Oprah interview, and now he’s wielding his Twitter sword against Scobie’s alleged tall tales.

But let’s not forget the plot twist! Scobie, the man caught in the crossfire, insists he’s not Meghan’s BFF. Sure, he may have co-written their biography, “Finding Freedom,” but he’s waving off any claims of a close friendship faster than a butler running to answer the queen’s summons.

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A royal rumble featuring Piers Morgan, Omid Scobie, and enough drama to make Shakespeare blush. Will Morgan’s truth crusade prevail, or will Scobie’s pen prove mightier than the Twitter sword? Tune in for the next episode of “As the Royals Turn.” It’s bound to be more entertaining than a corgi riding a unicycle.


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