Lupita Nyong’o Adopts an Orange Cat After Breakup

Lupita Nyong’o’s love life has been more unpredictable than a cat chasing a laser pointer! She recently bid adieu to Selema Masekela, and it happened faster than a sneeze in a pepper factory – probably somewhere around the dawn of October. But wait, this wasn’t your usual breakup announcement; Lupita decided to add a splash of mystery to the mix. She went all Sherlock Holmes on us, attending a Janelle Monae concert with a gaggle of friends, including none other than the ever-charming Joshua Jackson. Then, she dropped a message on her Instagram that was as cryptic as a treasure map. She talked about a “season of heartbreak,” as if she’s auditioning for a Shakespearean drama, and lamented a love that was “suddenly and devastatingly extinguished by deception.” Selema, buddy, you really fumbled the love ball!

But don’t worry; Lupita’s got this. When life gives you lemons, or in her case, a heartbreak, you call in the reinforcements. So, her mom packed her bags and decided to crash at her place. And here’s the best part: Lupita didn’t just resort to drowning her sorrows in a pint of ice cream; she adopted a big, orange tomcat to help her heal. A cat? Yes, you heard it right.

Lupita, our newfound feline enthusiast, introduces her new partner-in-crime – Yoyo!

She used to be scared of cats, but after the great relationship meltdown of October, she heard the whispers of change and new possibilities. Thanks to her trusty friend Palmer Hefferan, she ventured into the wild world of animal shelters. She tried fostering Yoyo from the Best Friends Adoption Center, and wouldn’t you know it, just three days in, she realized she couldn’t give him up.

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So, what have we learned about Yoyo so far? Well, he’s a socialite who LOVES company. Food? Yoyo’s a foodie. And he’s a bit of a ninja when it comes to not dropping stuff. He’s got impeccable taste in wand toys, demands only the finest running water in town, and considers house bugs his personal playthings. However, if you’ve got supplements lying around, you better guard them with your life because Yoyo can’t be trusted anywhere near them!

Lupita has gone from not understanding pet photo hoarders to becoming one herself. It’s official: Yoyo has stolen her heart, or should we say, “Yoyo is saving me.” #YOYOYYO #Caturday

Yoyo is about to bring a whirlwind of chaos to Lupita’s life, and she’s going to relish every crazy second of it. And just wait, she’ll soon experience those sleepless nights when Yoyo decides her face is the perfect nap spot. As for Jorts, the internet’s favorite orange kitty, Lupita will be watching his misadventures and wondering if all orange felines are sweet-potato-brained.

All jokes aside, we’re genuinely concerned about Lupita. She’s been through the emotional wringer, and it looks like she’s lost some weight too. Here’s hoping Yoyo’s got her back and can purr away the heartache. Stay strong, Lupita!


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