Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless in a Onesie for Halloween With Wife Hailey

Justin and Hailey Bieber are absolutely crushing it in the Halloween department this year, and they’re giving the rest of us mere mortals a run for our candy! These two lovebirds have been on a Spooky Season spree, and it’s safe to say they’ve been making more outfit changes than a diva at a wardrobe malfunction-prone concert.

Our boy Justin, the 29-year-old “Peaches” hitmaker, got the party started without his 26-year-old wifey, Hailey, at the Casamigos shindig. He strolled in looking like he was ready to conquer the Amazon rainforest, complete with goggles and everything. I mean, who doesn’t accessorize with goggles at a Halloween party? Classic Justin!

But fear not, Hailey didn’t let her hubby hog all the spotlight. She made her grand entrance at Vas J Morgan and Michael Braun’s Halloween soirée with BoobyTape (what a party name, right?). The dynamic duo decided to go full-on Flintstones, with Hailey as Pebbles and Justin as Fred. Yabba-dabba-doo! I bet they had to Google some rock-solid dance moves to pull that off.

But the fun didn’t stop there. The Biebers decided to give Sunday a taste of their Halloween magic by hitting up The Peppermint in West Hollywood. Justin had a sudden animal awakening and transformed into a super adorable deer. Complete with a onesie, a tail, and antlers, he strutted his stuff shirtless, proving that deer can have swagger too. Plus, he added some mushroom necklaces because, why not? Fashion-forward forest creatures, take notes!

Meanwhile, Hailey took a different route. She decided to channel her inner mystery agent or perhaps, the chicest ninja in town. She paired a black minidress with a long trench coat and, just to top it all off, a matching balaclava. You know, for that high-fashion, incognito vibe. Who knew ninjas partied so glamorously?

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The Biebers’ Halloween escapades were nothing short of epic, with costumes that ran the gamut from tropical explorer to prehistoric cartoon characters and, finally, the forest’s finest and a mysterious fashion ninja. Can’t wait to see what they come up with next year!

Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless in a Onesie for Halloween With Wife Hailey



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