Weight Loss Drug Mounjaro Spotted In Scott Disick’s Fridge In Latest Episode Of ‘The Kardashians’

Eagle-eyed viewers might have cracked the case behind Scott Disick’s magical disappearing act—well, his weight at least!

On Thursday (May 23), Hulu unleashed the season five premiere episode of The Kardashians, because apparently, we all need more Kardashian drama in our lives.

In this juicy episode, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner decided to grace Scott, the fabulous 40-year-old, with their royal presence. The moment they waltzed into his palace, they couldn’t help but notice something was different. Was it a new haircut? A change in cologne? Nope, it was Scott’s vanishing pounds!

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“Wow, somebody’s lost a lot of weight!” declared Kris, the ever-observant 68-year-old matriarch, as she hugged Scott. “You look great!” Ah, the sweet, sweet validation we all crave.

Khloe, the ever-curious 39-year-old, then made a beeline for Scott’s fridge—because who doesn’t love snooping in other people’s kitchens? Peering inside, she gasped, “Wow, you’re really being healthy!” The fridge was a temple of virtue, stocked with low-calorie drinks, fruit, and almond milk. No sign of the usual suspects like pizza or beer.

But wait, what’s that in the butter compartment? Could it be? Yes, it’s two boxes of Mounjaro, a weight-loss drug! Sherlock Holmes would be proud. Viewers were quick to play detective, too.

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“Shocked that Scott’s Mounjaro is FULLY on display during the season 5 premiere of The Kardashians. Kris, is this a brand deal??” one TikTok sleuth quipped, sharing the incriminating fridge footage. The plot thickens!

Despite the pharmaceutical cameo, Khloe didn’t utter a word about Mounjaro on camera. Maybe she was too distracted by the almond milk?

Flashback to last season, Scott was lamenting his car accident from August 2022—a crash that didn’t just mess up his back but also added a few extra pounds. His doctors gave him a stern warning: shed the weight or face surgery. And thus began Scott’s journey from chubby to chiseled, with a little help from our friend Mounjaro.

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Tune in next week, to see what other secrets the Kardashian fridge holds!

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