The Backstreet Boys Didn’t Greenlight Kanye West to Use ‘Everybody’ in New Song

Kanye West has managed to sprinkle some Backstreet Boys magic into his latest jam, “Everybody,” without even asking for permission! Hold on to your Yeezys – here’s the scoop.

According to the TMZ grapevine, it seems Kanye didn’t bother checking in with the Backstreet Boys before turning their iconic tune into his musical playground. Naughty Kanye, you might think, but hold your judgment; there’s a hilarious loophole at play here.

Picture this: Kanye’s version has a chorus that’s like the original but with a dash of Ty Dolla Sign spice. TMZ suggests that since Kanye threw in some other voices belting out the chorus, he’s playing a game of musical hide-and-seek, possibly slipping through the legal cracks like a sneaky ninja.

Variety chips in with its two cents, explaining that because Kanye opted for an interpolation (fancy word alert!) instead of a regular old sample, he might be skipping past some of the usual red tape. Apparently, when you don’t use the actual recording but do a creative reimagining, you only need a nod from the song’s landlord – the publisher. It’s like Kanye found the secret level in the copyright maze.

And here’s the icing on the cake – the Backstreet Boys didn’t scribble down the lyrics during a brainstorming session with their pals; it was the brainchild of the musical maestro Max Martin and his late partner Denniz Pop. So, Kanye’s permission slip might need a fancy signature from them or their celestial DJ booth.

“Everybody” is set to make its grand entrance on Kanye’s upcoming album, “Vultures.” Will it soar to the top charts or face a legal showdown? Buckle up, it’s Kanye – expect the unexpected!

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