Bradley Cooper Opens a NYC Food Truck, Hints at Starting a Restaurant

Move over, Gordon Ramsay, because Bradley Cooper is spicing things up in the culinary world, and he’s not just bringing his charming smile to the table!

The 48-year-old heartthrob teamed up with Danny DiGiampietro, the genius behind Angelo’s Pizzeria, to unleash a gastronomic spectacle on the unsuspecting streets of New York City. Their weapon of choice? A pop-up food truck that’s not slinging pizza, oh no! Brace yourselves, because Danny & Coop’s is all about the cheesesteaks!

Forget the red carpet; Bradley was spotted strutting his stuff in the truck on a Wednesday (December 6), and he didn’t stop there! He graced the cheesy haven for a second shift on Thursday. Judging by the photos, he wasn’t just flipping steaks; he was flipping out with joy, completely in his element. Move over, Food Network, we’ve got a new culinary maestro in town!

According to the culinary detectives at 6 ABC, Bradley has big dreams for his four-wheeled kitchen. Rumor has it; he’s planning to turn the truck into a full-blown restaurant. Can you imagine a place where Bradley Cooper personally hands you a cheesesteak? Move aside, Michelin stars, we’re aiming for Cooper stars!

It’s not just about the culinary delights; it’s about the warm and fuzzy feeling of charity. Bradley is not just a wizard in the kitchen; he’s got a heart of gold. Proceeds from the sales are making their way to charity faster than you can say “extra cheese, please!”

And who should make a surprise cameo at Danny & Coop’s? None other than supermodel Gigi Hadid! Forget walking the runway; she strutted her stuff to support Bradley in this cheesy adventure. It’s not just a food truck; it’s a star-studded extravaganza!

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But what about the spicy gossip, you ask? Well, an insider spilled the beans (or should we say, cheesesteaks) on Bradley and Gigi’s rumored romance. Apparently, they’ve reached the milestone of meeting each other’s families. Move over, royal weddings, because the Cooper-Hadid family union might just be the event of the year!

And what about their famous exes, Zayn Malik and Irina Shayk? Well, let’s just say they might need some extra ice for those burns. But hey, in the world of Danny & Coop’s, even exes can’t resist the tempting aroma of sizzling cheesesteaks and the allure of a food truck love story. Move over, Hollywood; we’ve got a new blockbuster in town, and it’s coated in melted cheese!

Bradley Cooper Opens a NYC Food Truck, Hints at Starting a Restaurant



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