Selena Gomez Seemingly Confirms Rumors She’s Dating Benny Blanco

Selena Gomez just gave the rumor mill a spin cycle, and guess what came out? A Benny Blanco love connection! Yep, our girl spilled the beans on her secret crush during an episode of Selena + Chef. The catch? She’s keeping the mystery crush under wraps. But fear not, Sherlock Holmes, because an Instagram fan account went all detective mode.

Picture this: a CSI-level investigation with screenshots, clips, and more conspiracy theories than a government cover-up. The fan account pieced together evidence faster than you can say “relationship status update.” Their brilliant deduction pointed fingers at none other than Benny Blanco, the maestro behind Selena’s 2021 hit “I Can’t Get Enough.”

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Now, Benny probably had no idea he was the lead suspect in the Love Chronicles, but when he caught wind of the gossip, he didn’t let it slide. Our man Benny made a grand entrance into the comments section, ready to spill the tea or, in his case, the salsa.

The fan account dropped receipts like it was Black Friday, including a clip of Selena gushing about her crush, a snapshot of her dubbing Benny as “one of [her] favs” while promoting his cookbook. Oh, and they even stalked their Instagram follows because nothing says true love like social media investigations.

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So, what did Selena do when she saw the fan account’s masterpiece? She hit that like button and dropped a casual “Facts” in the comments. If emojis could talk, hers would be wearing sunglasses and sipping on a cup of tea.

Now, let’s not forget, Selena’s been treating her relationship status like a stand-up comedy routine lately. So, is she confirming the Benny connection, or is she just trolling the rumor mill? We’ll keep you posted, but until then, grab your popcorn. This rom-com is just getting started!

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Selena Gomez Seemingly Confirms Rumors She’s Dating Benny Blanco


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