Prince Harry Claims He and Meghan Markle Were “Forced” Out of Royal Duties in 2020

In the mystical land of Royal-ville, Prince Harry, the daring defender of family and self-proclaimed expert in dodging danger, found himself embroiled in a battle for the ultimate fortress – UK protection.

Picture this: It’s 2020, the year when the royal duo, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, decided to ditch the tiaras and step away from the majestic duties. Little did Prince Harry know that this daring escapade would cost him the golden ticket to the Security Club. Poof! His once-mighty protection vanished like a magic trick gone wrong.

Fast forward to today, where the Prince finds himself in a courtroom, not for jousting or royal poker, but to plead for the resurrection of his lost security blanket. It turns out, playing knight in shining armor without the armor isn’t as fun as it sounds.

In a statement that echoed through the hallowed halls of the courtroom like the proclamation of a court jester, Prince Harry spilled his royal tea. “Dear subjects, it was with immense sadness that my fair maiden and I felt compelled to exit the grand stage and flee the kingdom in 2020,” he lamented.

With a heavy heart, he continued, “The UK, oh beloved homeland, the very essence of my children’s royal DNA! I want them to feel at home here, just as much as they do in their current abode in the United States. But alas, that’s a royal pipe dream if we can’t keep them safe on British soil.”

In a dramatic twist that would make Shakespeare jealous, Prince Harry revealed his reluctance to play the reckless hero. “I can’t just toss my better half into the dragon’s den, you know? And given my knack for finding trouble, I’m not eager to test fate either.”

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And so, the court saga unfolds – a tale of a prince, a plea, and the quest for the almighty shield. Will Prince Harry and his brood be granted the magical armor of protection? Stay tuned for the next royal episode of “Security and the City.” It’s a laugh riot with a side of crown jewels!


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