Shannen Doherty Thought IVF Caused Breast Cancer

In the latest installment of the sidesplitting Let’s Be Clear with Shannen Doherty podcast, the 52-year-old actress spilled the beans on her rollercoaster IVF escapade, suggesting it was the evil mastermind behind her bout with breast cancer. Grab your popcorn!

With her trusty confidante and oncologist, Dr. Lawrence Piro, in tow, Shannen spilled the tea on her quest for motherhood, which, let’s be real, wasn’t just for her own maternal instincts. Oh no, she was on a mission for her hubby, Kurt Iswarienko. “I wanted him to have that part of himself fulfilled as well,” she confessed with the dramatic flair of a soap opera script.

Cue the dramatic music, because Shannen met Kurt “at the time, later in years and you know, a multitude of things happen.” Translation: life got in the way, and the ticking biological clock was screaming louder than an overexcited game show host. Enter IVF, the hero or, as Shannen initially thought, the villain of the story.

Shannen took us on a wild ride through the world of IVF, recalling, “we chose to have we needed IVF, and I did a bunch of rounds of it.” But wait, there’s a plot twist! In Shannen’s mind, those IVF hormones were the culprits behind her cancer saga. She drew connections with other IVF warriors-turned-breast-cancer-survivors, creating a conspiracy theory that would make Mulder and Scully raise an eyebrow.

In her own words, Shannen painted a picture of wonky cells teetering on the edge of chaos, fueled by IVF hormones. “That was, at least, my thinking,” she added, turning the podcast into a riveting episode of “Medical Mysteries Unveiled.”

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But fear not, for Shannen took us on a laugh-out-loud journey through her “road to recovery.” Picture a superhero montage, complete with chemo sessions and therapy triumphs. She first faced the breast cancer villain in 2015, bravely battling through chemotherapy and emerging victorious with a temporary remission in 2017.

Fast forward to February, and guess what? Shannen dropped the bombshell that her cancer had upgraded to stage 4. Cue gasps and dramatic music once again. Stay tuned, because Shannen Doherty’s life is one wild rollercoaster ride you won’t want to miss!


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